How to Dress Up for an Academy Awards Party

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Focus on glamour if you are planning to attend an Academy Awards party or take advantage of the chance to showcase a theme. The stars that dress up for the actual event make it a point to go all-out in expensive designer fashions, and you can replicate that look if you desire. A theme party will allow you to go to the part in character as your favorite actor and really show your support for his work.

Go with the Glamour

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Break out your most formal clothing for the event. Women can go with long evening gowns that are silky, shiny and/or sequined, and men can opt for crisp tuxedos that fit just right. Rent or purchase evening wear if you really want to go all out. Visit a tailor for an accurate fit and for the best level of comfort possible.

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Accessorize your look with shiny jewels that make a splash and shimmer in the light. Men can wear cuff links, and women can wear necklaces with matching earrings and bracelets. Focus on glamour and wear real jewels if possible. Purchase realistic costume rhinestone jewelry to get this look on a budget.

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Wear elegant footwear that is classy, clean and shiny. Ladies can wear sexy heals and carry a purse or handbag that matches them. Men can wear patent leather shoes that are well-shined with or without laces.

Plan a party around a theme and have guests arrive in character as their favorite stars from the past and present or plan a party around a particular film. For example, you could have everyone come as a character from the movie, Pulp Fiction. You will end up partying it up with Quentin Tarentino, John Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson clones.

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