How to Draw Fake Eyebrows

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Drawing on eyebrows or just filling in very sparse eyebrows is a fairly simple process. The right tools for the job are essential as this is a delicate area and it is on your face; therefore, if it is done badly, it will be highly noticeable. The correct color is also a major concern as if it is too light or too dark this will look odd with your hair and complexion. If you are unsure about the color to choose, go to the makeup counter in your local beauty store and ask if you could try some shades out to find the right coloring.

Determining Eyebrow Shape

Place a pencil vertically against the side of your nose up to the inner corner of your eye. This determines where your eyebrows should start. Make a tiny mark with your eyebrow pencil on each side of the inner eyebrow so that you know where to begin.

Place the end of a pencil on the side of your nostril, move it upward towards your pupil. Directly above this point on your brow is where the arch (or highest point) of the eyebrow should be. Make a small mark to denote this on either side.

Find the outside corner of your eye with your finger. Place your middle fingertip just above the outer corner of your eye, and on the outside portion of your fingertip, make a mark. This is where your eyebrow should finish. Do this for both sides.

Drawing the Eyebrow: Brow Powder

Make a very faint outline of the eyebrow shape that you want using an eyebrow pencil. Apply brow wax or chapstick to the area on your brows that you have marked out.

Dip an angled thin brush into the brow powder. Start from near the nose and draw small lines to represent "hairs" following the line of your brow. How thick you make your eyebrows is a matter of personal choice, but remember that usually an eyebrow will be thicker up to the arch and then taper to a thin line at the end, near the corner of your eye. Use more pressure to create darker, thicker lines and less pressure to create thinner, lighter lines.

Use a brow brush to blend the color in. Using a mascara wand or spooley brush, apply clear eyebrow gel to hold the drawn lines in place.

Drawing The Eyebrow: Using Pencil

Use a cotton ball or bud to remove any excess oil from the brow so that you have a clean dry surface to work on. Determine eyebrow shape as in section one.

Clean your eyebrow pencil with a piece of tissue; wipe the end and then gently squeeze the tip between your finger and thumb, this will warm the tip slightly and give you a better tip to work with. Hold the pencil vertically with the tip at the starting point, which will be the point you made above the corner of the eye.

Make small gentle strokes up to the arch of the eyebrow. Many little strokes work much better than just drawing a line, this will give a more natural look to your eyebrows.

Use small soft strokes that go slightly upward and outward as you move toward the end point of your eyebrow. Fill in any areas that are too sparse using these small strokes. Brush the eyebrow with an eyebrow brush or toothbrush and use brow gel to keep the lines in place.