How to Download a Template for a Family Reunion Invitation

Family reunion invitation template downloadable files, like any other file, download by clicking a button or link and opening or saving the file for use in word processing or desktop publishing software. The key to creating a fantastic invitation for your upcoming family reunion is finding a template that matches your desktop publishing or design skills, design time restraints and works with your specific software package.

Click the "Microsoft Corporation Office Online Templates" link in the Resources section if you are using a Microsoft Office product (for example, Word or Publisher). Type keywords "family reunion invitation" in the "Templates" search field and click the "Search" button.

Select a template title link and then click the "Download" button to begin the download process. When the "File Download" window opens, click the "Save" button, choose an area of your computer to save the file (for example, My Documents) and save. Keep in mind that if you have a pop-up blocker, you may need to approve the pop-up by clicking the approval in the information bar that appears at the top of your browser. In addition, some templates will open automatically in the software package they were designed in (for example, your Microsoft Word may suddenly pop open with the template open and ready for editing).

Open your word processing or desktop publishing product if you saved the template to a specific location and select the "Open File" function or use shortcut keys "CTRL+O" to open the area where you saved your file. Click on your saved file to open the template. Edit text, add images and alter to your specifications, save your finished invitation and print.

Use the generic complimentary family reunion invitation offered at Reunion King, Inc. (see Resources). Click the blue "Download invitation here FOR MAC" or "Download invitation here FOR Windows" link to download a file to open in Microsoft Word or click the "Download RTF here for most other word processors” link.

Check for free family reunion invitation templates through your printer manufacturer's website. For example, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) offers an entire family reunion planning kit with templates in the HP Creative Studio (see Resources).

Type "free family reunion invitation templates" in your Internet browser's search field and select a website from the search results that offers free templates and follow the same download instructions outlined in Steps 2 & 3 to save your template, open the file, edit to your specifications, save post-design and then print.