How to Disguise an Ugly Glass Shower Door

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Glass shower doors look beautiful when new, but over time they crack, get scratches and become badly stained with mildew. If you have an ugly glass shower door, there's no need to throw it out with the bath water just yet. Save some money in the short term by disguising the surface instead to make it look a bit more attractive. You might find that something as simple as changing the look of the shower door could improve the appearance of your entire bathroom.

Soak the surface of both sides of the glass shower door thoroughly with a foaming mildew surface cleaner. Let the cleaner settle in for at least 20 minutes. Wipe the door down to get it as clean as possible.

Wipe the glass shower door with paper towels or a dry lint-free cloth and assure that it is completely dry before you proceed. Open the windows and door in the bathroom to let air flow freely through the room. Put a fan in the room to keep it cool if necessary.

Measure the glass surface of the door (length by width) in inches. Use that figure to determine how much contact paper you’ll need. Contact paper, which comes in a roll, is similar to wall paper but lighter, simpler to manage, and more versatile. It also has an adhesive backing for quick application.

Remove the adhesive on the contact paper and apply it carefully to the left edge of the outside of the shower door. Press it down in place going down the door then cut it at the end with a utility razor. Repeat this along the rest of the door. Avoid putting the contact paper on the inside of the door because it will peel due to the moisture.