How to Differentiate Bikini Wax Types

A bikini wax treatment removes unwanted hair in the genital and buttocks areas, but not all treatments are the same. All of the waxes should keep unsightly pubic hairs out of view, but some of them eliminate all of the hairs while others just trim them. A wax should last up to six weeks. You should know which type of bikini wax you want before you speak to a spa specialist.

The "Regular" is a favorite of older women or newbies. The hair is removed only along the bikini lines.

"French Wax" removes the hairs along the bikini line, plus some of the pubic hair. That hair is cut so only a narrow "landing" strip is left in the front.

The "Brazilian" or "Thong Wax" involves removing hair from the buttocks and rectal area. Since those areas are very sensitive, this is a painful wax treatment. A thin layer of hair in a triangle or oval form usually remains in front.

"Hollywood Wax" or "Full Brazilian" removes all hair from the buttocks, rectal area and front completely.

The "Playboy Wax" is somewhere between a Brazilian and a Hollywood. It leaves a narrow strip of hair neatly at the front while the buttocks and rectal area are hair-free.

The "Tiffany Box" wax adds a decoration or design to what is left of the pubic hair. Some shape the pubic hair into hearts or butterflies.

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