How to Detox Your Body and Lose Weight at The Same Time

You've heard the celebrity stories of detoxing their bodies and losing weight... here is their secret! This proven technique is easier than it sounds... you just have to resist the urges.

First off, I would like to say that even though this technique works best without any solid foods, you will benefit from mixing this into your diet. There have been studies that say you can lose about a pound a day, while losing all the "extra, clinging" food particles and toxins hanging out in your body.

Take a empty 2 liter bottle and fill it about 7/8 of the way with filtered water.

Add approximately 4 tablespoons of pure lemon juice (preferably from an actual lemon) (this is what does most of the detoxing inside the body)

Add an equal amount (4 tablespoons) of natural, pure maple syrup (this is where you will actually take in calories)

Add about 3 pinches of crushed cayenne pepper (this is pretty much just to add taste)

Mix everything together (shake before you take a drink). It's that easy! I tried this for 3 solid days. 72 hours of no solid food, and drank about 4 liters of this mix every day. After the 2nd day, you know anything that you are excreting out of your body, is just "extra" food and what-not that was clinging to your insides.