How to Design Your Own Signature Plates

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According to Wedding Ideas Magazine, signature plates are a good alternative to guest books at weddings and other celebrations. These plates are displayed on a table, along with paint pens, and guests write expressions of good wishes to the celebrated person or couple. Signature plates are lasting memories, ready to hang on the wall with a plate hanger, or display on a shelf using a small art easel.

Select the color and style of plate that will coordinate with the celebration. The plate should be 12 inches or larger for everyone’s sentiments and signatures to fit. A plain white plate works for most celebrations, but consider using black plates with white paint pens for something different.

Wipe the plate surface with rubbing alcohol before guests arrive. This will allow the paint to better adhere to the glass, or porcelain surface when people begin writing.

Write three lines to start the signature plate. In the center of the plate, write the name of the person or couple being celebrated, the special occasion and the date. Allow the paint to dry after each line is written.

Decorate the plate with designs that match the event, or leave it plain for a simple look.