How to Design Your Own Neck Tie

Maggie Hira

A necktie is a very important part of a man's business suit. Although it seems like a fairly simple accessory piece, a necktie can express various moods. A solid-colored necktie conveys a serious attitude for formal or business situations, while a colorful and patterned necktie is whimsical and fun. If you wear neckties often, designing your own is a great way to incorporate an aspect of your personality into your daily work uniform.

Sketch a basic outline of a necktie onto your sketchpad with a pencil. Get creative and make the edges jagged or curved instead of the basic straight, linear edges of most neckties.

Choose a base color and accent color for your necktie design. Some popular options for the base include light gray, light blue, canary yellow, burgundy, hunter green and deep violet. Choose an accent hue that is complementary or contrasting to the base color. Use colored pencils to depict this design element onto your sketch.

Draw design patterns onto the sketch with a pencil. Patterns like dots, stripes, swirls, checks and geometric shapes are some typical designs found on a necktie. Other options for neck tie designs include pictures of animals, cartoon characters and inanimate objects like musical instruments. Draw the design patterns in the highlighting color.

Add details like embroidery, studs or beads to give your necktie design a "3-D" appearance. Incorporate these elements into your sketch by using small paper cut-outs. For example, cut out or punch out pieces of colored construction paper and glue them onto your sketch. To depict embroidery onto your necktie design, color a thin strip of string and glue it in your desired pattern onto the sketch. This step is optional, especially if you prefer a simple neck tie design.