How to Decorate a Table for a Women's Church Ministry

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Most churches have one or more women’s ministry groups, which may include Bible study, prayer, teaching and outreach groups, to name a few. The groups typically hold meetings and recruitment events throughout the year. Ministry group program coordinators may like to prepare for each meeting by choosing tabletop decorations that not only provide an appealing focal point on the meeting table but also symbolize the mission of the group or the theme of the event.

Cover the meeting table with an attractive tablecloth or piece of fabric, such as satin or silk. However, select appropriate coverings for specific types of events. If food and beverages will be served (and possibly spilled), for example, keep that in mind when selecting a table covering.

Add a centerpiece that reflects the theme of the event. Consider placing a small floral arrangement along with a Bible and some study guides on the entry table at a Bible study meeting, for example. For a recruitment event, create a display of pictures from previous events and provide a sign-up sheet for enlisting new members. Create a centerpiece of vibrant autumn leaves, a cornucopia and/or harvest fruits and vegetables for a Thanksgiving event, or decorate a Christmastime table with candles, angel figurines, a creche, etc.

Set out information about your group on an entry or recruiting table for those who are new to the group. Add a welcome sign for members and guests. Decorate the table with items that symbolize your ministry group's function, such as kitchen tools for a group that prepares meals for a homeless shelter or for sick church members, a praying hands statue for a prayer group, or knitting needles and yarn for a prayer shawl group.

If there will be newcomers at the meeting, place a name tag and marker at each place at the table so that each woman can fill them out, wear them, and learn each other's names. Scatter inspirational cards on the table for the women to read, take home, and reflect on.