How to Decorate a Plastic Wine Glass for a Bridal Shower

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Wine glasses make cute, personal bridal shower gifts for the bride and her guests. They are inexpensive favors that guests can take home after the festivities have concluded. If you have been put in charge of creating the glasses, take the opportunity to reflect the bridal shower's theme in the design painted on the glasses. For instance, you could paint wedding-inspired lingerie for a lingerie shower or adorn the plastic surfaces with diamond engagement rings.

Wash the plastic wine glasses and dry them with paper towels. Any dust or residue on the glasses' surfaces will make your painting uneven.

Select designs for each guest's glass. You may want to include their names or roles in the wedding. This is appropriate for the bride, maid of honor, bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls. When writing on the glasses, use long, well-defined strokes to keep the letters precise. Make practice designs on paper before moving on to the wine glasses. Tape the sketched words to the inside of the glass to act as a guide.

Keep your designs simple. If you want to depict a bride and her groom, don't expect that the glasses' rounded surfaces will permit you to incorporate a lot of detail. Instead, focus on making a bold silhouette and filling in the design fully. If you wish to depict an engagement ring, search for different shades of white and pale blue to define the facets and use a metallic shade of gold for the ring. Bunches of flowers are a good choice for beginners, as petals can look as distinct or abstract as the artist wishes without looking silly.

Incorporate the bridal shower's colors into the overall design scheme. This will give a professional flair to your end product.

If you are using stenciled designs, ensure a clean finish by firmly securing a flexible stencil to the outside of the glass with strips of masking tape. Some wedding-inspired designs to consider are bells, linked rings, hearts, doves, champagne flutes and wedding cakes. Remove the tape and stencil after the design has dried and continue painting the glass.

Paint your chosen designs onto the glasses' surfaces, keeping all of the paint an inch below the rim. Though most paint is non-toxic, it is best to avoid ingesting it. Use as little of the acrylic enamel paint as possible. This allows for more precise paint lines and helps the glasses to dry faster. If the glasses look streaky, touch up the designs with a second coat.

Rinse out your brush between colors and blot the bristles on a paper towel. This keeps the colors cleaner as you continue to paint, making your last glass as lovely as your first. Let the glasses dry for a least a week, as this allows the enamel to completely harden.