How to Decorate a Grave for Memorial Day

How to Decorate a Grave for Memorial Day. Memorial Day, known originally as Decoration Day, is a time to remember our country's fallen heroes. After the Civil War, many people began to decorate the graves of those who died while serving in the armed forces. Decorate the grave of a fallen hero whom you knew or even one that you didn't know.

Check with the cemetery to see if there are any regulations for grave decorations. Follow the regulations or some cemeteries will discard the decorations.

Put a flag pole in the ground near the headstone. Hang an American flag on the pole.

Put several miniature flags, on sticks, in the ground around the headstone. Put miniature flags in flower arrangements.

Place potted plants near the headstone. Remove pots by the end of the day if you want to keep them or they will be discarded.

Put vased flower arrangements in the sunken vase receptacle. Leave vases on the headstone if there is not a sunken receptacle near the site.

Put a large spray or wreath on the top of the head stone. Choose a spray that has patriotic colors and ribbons.