How to Cut Men's Hair


0:00 hi this is Lizbeth Muller from Liz's

0:03 Hair Design in Hollywood Florida in this

0:07 clip I'm going to show you how to cut

0:09 men's hair now I have a client here that

0:11 has hair that's out of shape he needs a

0:14 haircut I'm going to cut it into a short

0:17 hair style and I'm going to use several

0:20 different scissors to do so I'm going to

0:23 use my regular scissors five inch good

0:25 nice pair of scissors choose what you

0:27 need for a good haircut and I'm gonna

0:29 use some thinning shears to shape it up

0:31 sometimes I'll use a little razor but

0:33 I'm gonna use my thinning shears on the

0:34 tip tips of the hair to give it a kind

0:37 of different texture he's got a lot of

0:38 different colleagues so I'm gonna

0:40 proceed to work with what he's got and

0:42 give him a really short short haircut

0:44 measuring right here in the middle

0:46 starting at this point and then taking

0:48 this measurement and working all the way

0:50 around just done as a basic layered

0:52 haircut with a little bit of spiciness

0:54 and a little bit of shaping here I just

0:57 cut this piece here and divided it I'm

0:58 gonna take the bottom piece and I'm

1:00 going to go ahead and go straight down

1:03 and cut the hair proceeding to go ahead

1:08 and take the next piece and measure it

1:10 as you see here with the last piece on

1:13 the top that I've cut previously cut I

1:16 want it to be real short to go ahead and

1:18 take about an inch off this head of hair

1:21 see how where this point is just follow

1:23 all the way around like that going down

1:27 in an angle 45 degree straight down with

1:31 your scissors when I'm done with that

1:34 all over like that I'm gonna go ahead

1:36 and take my spinning shears and I'm

1:39 going to go ahead and get in here and

1:40 texture his hair a little bit by just

1:42 slicing into like that proceeding to

1:45 take the tips I've been going into it

1:46 like that especially in the front of the

1:48 hair I'm so going it I'm going to take

1:51 this piece here also and I'm going to

1:53 proceed to just cut into like that I

1:55 wanted to go ahead and do that so I can

1:57 wisp up and get very spiky different

1:59 kind of lengths make it funky and a

2:01 little bit of gel oh look like a great

2:02 men's haircut I'm putting in the

2:05 finishing touches in this haircut doing

2:09 the texturizing to it he's thinning

2:11 shears in that minute ago

2:13 and here you got it if you look at it

2:19 spiky funky he's got a few colleagues

2:22 that works with me I don't mind I wanted

2:25 to go ahead and spike up here and there

2:28 he's got a little bit of wave work with

2:30 that wave don't worry about it use your

2:33 little pomades and your little gels and

2:35 you style it up and you should be just

2:37 fine

2:37 it's a great haircut this is Ben Lizbeth

2:40 Muller