How to Cut and Make Slouchy Sweatshirts

by Thomas McNish ; Updated September 28, 2017

Make a 1980s-style slouchy sweatshirt using only a pair of scissors. Images

The 1980s were distinct in many aspects, including clothing. One iconic fashion trend born out of the 1980s -- modeled by such stars as Jennifer Grey and Madonna -- is the slouchy sweatshirt. The slouchy sweatshirt, or off the shoulder sweatshirt, is a casual, comfortable and cute look that can be done in a matter of minutes with a pair of standard scissors. Keep in mind, however, that when creating a slouchy sweatshirt, the collar will become exceedingly large, so you might want to start with a shirt that's one size smaller than you normally wear.

Cut a 1 inch slit beginning at the midpoint of collar seam on the front, going down the neckline.

Cut around the shape of the collar, keeping 1 inch away from the seam at all times. Flip the sweatshirt over when you have the front side completely removed.

Repeat the previous step with the back side of the sweatshirt until you have an even collar shape going around the entire sweatshirt.

Cut any frayed ends around the newly formed collar area to avoid annoying fibers from rubbing on your neck and shoulders. You can also even out your collar shape at this point.


  • If you're not confident about cutting around the collar, you can draw a circle around the area beforehand with chalk or a pencil. Don't spend too much time making the collar shape perfect. Slouchy shirts are very informal.

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