How to Cut a Man's Fingernails

If you have ever shaken hands with someone with bad fingernails it is definitely something you will remember about that person. Your hands are one of the first things that people will notice when they first meet you, especially if you shake hands when you meet someone. Men have a tendency of biting their fingernails causing an uneven, jagged look. Take an extra minute or two and use a fingernail clipper to clean up your fingernails, you won’t regret it.

Find the scraper tip on the fingernail file. This is usually a piece of the file that swivels outward from the file itself. The scraper tip helps to clean any excess dirt of grime that is built up and gets caught under your fingernails. Use the tip to scrape out the area underneath the nail. You can do this one by one before you cut each nail or do it all at the same time before starting to cut your nails.

Choose which hand and which finger you will start with. Hold the nail clipper and cut the nail directly in the middle. You will have to push as hard as possible on the clipper to cut the nail. If the clipper is too dull you may not be able to cut the nail and will need to get a sharper one. Once you have cut the nail in the middle, be sure to discard the cut nail into the trash can or collect them in one area to discard after you are done.

Cut the one side of the nail that you have just cut to give it that even and rounded look to it. You may need to do little minor clips to the side to get it as even as possible and rounded as possible. Once you have completed that side of the nail turn and complete the other side of the nail to complete the entire fingernail. Try to clip it as round as possible. Once you are done complete each nail as you did the previous one.

Flip out the file portion on the nail clipper or get a nail file to smooth out the edges of the nails. Finish off what you have started. The nail clipper acted as the saw and the file will now act as the sander to smooth out the nail. Take the file and gently file and smooth out the sections that you have cut with your fingernail clipper.

Glance over all of your nails once you have completed cutting and filing your nails. Cut or file any nails that look uneven or jagged. Discard the entire cut nails in the trash can. Once you have completed cutting and filing completely lather up your hands with some hand lotion to moisturize your hands and nails to give it that fresh and clean look.