How to Cure Dark Circles

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Dark circles under the eye are a common skin condition that affects many. Cosmetics and skin care products can reduce the look of dark circles and may even cover them up, but they do not get rid of them completely. The only way to cure dark circles under the eyes for good is to develop healthy lifestyle habits.

Get enough sleep every night. Lack of sleep is a leading cause of dark circles under the eyes, so make sure that you get your eight hours of sleep per night, as recommended by WebMD.

Other causes of dark circles under the eyes may include allergies, sinus problems and lack of pigmentation. Address these issues first, and your dark circles may clear up, too. If your dark circles may also be a hereditary trait, they can still be treated.

Eat a balanced diet full of protein and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. A healthy body on the inside will manifest itself on the outside. If necessary, Yahoo Health recommends that you supplement your diet with a multivitamin that contains vitamins C, E and K. Avoid salty foods that make the body retain water and lead to puffy, dark circles under the eyes.

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise will increases blood flow, carrying more oxygen and nutrients throughout your body and to your skin. These nutrients give your skin a healthier overall look--including under the eyes.

Stop unhealthy habits that lead to dark circles under the eyes such as smoking, eating junk food and excessive drinking of alcohol. All of these activities suppress healthy blood flow in the body and thus lead to dark circles under the eyes.

Use a cold compress in the morning to reduce the look of dark circles. Apply the compress on the eyes for about 10 minutes. It does not matter if you are lying down or standing up--just make sure that your eyes are covered and that you are comfortable.

Apply cold cucumber slices or tea bags to the eyes. The coolness of the cucumber constricts the enlarged blood vessels underneath the skin that are responsible for the dark appearance. If you use tea bags, make sure that they are caffeinated; caffeine reduces puffiness under the eyes. Get into a comfortable position, standing, sitting or laying down and then leave the tea bags or cucumbers on your eyes for 10 minutes.