How to Create Your Own Printable Invitations for Free

by Mark Spowart ; Updated September 28, 2017

You can download and print invitations from the Internet.

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You're having a party or a gathering and need to send invitations. You can easily go into a store and buy pre-printed invitations and fill in the specific information. Or you can use your home computer, printer and access to the Internet to create your own unique invitations. There are many websites that feature free templates for printable invitations. Search for sites and download the appropriate template to your computer once you've made your choice. You're then ready to customize the invitation to match your function and print it out.

Open the invitation template you've downloaded and complete the necessary information for your event. The basic information is “Date,” “Time,” “Location,” “Event,” “Dress” and “RSVP.” Save your template once this information is inputted.

Customize the template where possible. Depending on the template you are working with, you may be able to change the color of the invitation or other features within it, such as the type and size of the font.

Save the final version of your invitation once you've made all choices for customizing the invitation. Load card stock printer paper into your home printer. Make sure the paper you buy matches the size of the template and that the card stock also includes envelopes for mailing.

Print the number of invitations you need, insert them into the addressed envelopes, attach the correct postage and mail.


  • If you don`t want to print the invitations out, consider sending your completed invitations via email.

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