How to Create Choppy Hairstyles

How to Create Choppy Hairstyles. Choppy hairstyles, or punk hairstyles, can be customized to suit every face shape and hair length. They give hair body and reduce the weight of long hair. It's a modern look that's easily maintained, and it's a good way to transition from one hair length to another.

Wet the hair and comb it out to remove tangles or snarls. If the hair is dirty, shampoo before you start cutting.

Part the hair on whichever side the client likes. If the part is on the right, cut the right side short, typically above the ear. Leave the left side long so that it sweeps over the brow.

Add layers to your punk hairstyle. Part away portions of hair and pull them back from the head. Hold the ends between your fingers at an angle, then cut the hair behind your fingers. You can layer the entire style or just the ends to provide some flip action.

Cut into the ends of the hair with random snips to take out small chunks. This makes for a jagged look that is more rebellious than the even-finish typical of most hairstyles.