How to Cover Baldness

Baldness is a problem that affects both men and women and can affect them at any time in their lives. The most common form of hair loss is called "male pattern baldness" and occurs when men reach middle age. Aside from shaving your head, there are several ways to deal with baldness that involve covering the head. Although some ways may look more authentic than others, you can raise your self-confidence by finding the method that works for you.

Get a hair transplant. New methods of hair transplantation, called "Follicular Unit Transplantation," take hair from permanent growth areas on the head and place them in balding areas. Although there is a limit to how much hair can be moved into another location, it can help to even out patchy hair in order to make the entire scalp look more natural.

Change the way that you comb and style your hair. Although a style called the "comb-over" has been made fun of in recent years, consult your stylist for ways to strategically cover your bald spots. Most likely, your stylist will have a few ideas for you, such as cutting your hair very short or growing it longer in places to make it appear more lush.

Purchase a hairpiece. Hairpieces can look unnatural if they are not measured and matched to your own natural hair, so take care in choosing a hairpiece provider that is right for you. (See "Resources.") Drawbacks to wearing hairpieces include not being able to swim and having to take the hairpiece off at night.

Spray your hair. You can purchase baldness-covering sprays, such as Nanogen Baldness Cover, to spray on top of your bald spots in order to camouflage them. Although these sprays are not a permanent solution, they can help to cover new bald spots temporarily. Drawbacks to spray-on treatments include smudging and not being able to swim.

Wear a hat. Although it sounds simple, wearing the right hat can camouflage baldness in most public situations. You will probably not be able to wear your hat to bed, however, or hide your baldness from anyone with whom you have an intimate relationship.