How to Coordinate a Tuxedo With the Color of a Prom Dress

by Bonny Brown Jones ; Updated September 28, 2017

Match your tie and the corsage to the girl's gown for a classic approach.

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You have a date, a time and a place -- now you just have to figure out what to wear. You don't have to perfectly match your tux or suit to your girl's prom dress, but you certainly don't want to clash. Talk to her beforehand to make sure you have a plan.

Keeping Styles in Sync

Check the school's prom dress code. Creative black tie, black tie optional and semiformal all offer options other than the more formal "black tie." If your date chooses a dress rather than a long gown, you might go more casual, too -- even a suit and tie might be an option, sometimes with sneakers instead of black shoes if you want a quirky touch. If she's pulling out all the stops with a formal gown, plan on a traditional tux and black tie, with black jacket and matching trousers, and black or white vest or cummerbund.

Color Matching

If you and your date are going creative black tie, match your tie or vest to her dress. This takes coordination. Just signing on for "yellow" or "blue" instead of "butter" or "sapphire" could mean a miss instead of a match. "Pink" could be blush, neon pink or magenta. To play it safe, ask for a color sample or -- if you're already close friends -- hit the mall and figure it out together. If she's wearing a neutral color, there's still plenty of room for originality -- "Seventeen" suggests a white-on-black bow tie, all-black tux and shirt or even gray instead of black if she's wearing a white dress. Work together, but leave room for each of your individual styles.

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