How to Cook With a Halogen Oven

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Cooking with a halogen oven is quick and easy. A halogen oven consists of a glass container with a lid. Built into the lid are halogen light bulbs and a high-powered fan. The air inside the oven is heated by the halogen bulbs and circulated by the fan. The heated air cooks food evenly and more rapidly than a conventional oven. With a few mild alterations to your cooking procedures, you can say goodbye to your conventional oven and hello to the halogen oven.

Plan your menu. Halogen ovens should be used basically the same way as regular ovens -- you should still cook one thing at a time. A halogen oven is smaller than a conventional oven, so you may need to take portion sizes into account before you cook with it. Meals requiring portions for more than three people may need additional cooking tools besides the halogen oven.

Reduce the cooking time. Exactly how much you can reduce the time by depends on your exact model of halogen oven. Generally, you can count on cutting between 10 and 50 percent of the total cooking time by using a halogen oven instead of a conventional oven, according to the Halogen Oven website.

Prep your food the same way you do for a regular oven. If the meal requires marinating or thawing before you would put it in the oven, the same things must be done before cooking with the halogen oven. The main difference between a conventional oven and a halogen oven is the cooking time.