How to Cook Rocky Mountain Oysters

How to Cook Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you have ever tried Rocky Mountain Oysters, you are braver than most! But, many really enjoy this delicacy. To fully enjoy the experience you should cook your own Rocky Mountain Oysters.


Cut the muscle off two pounds of bull testicles with a very sharp knife and remove the skin.

Mix 1/2 cup sugar and 3/4 cup kosher salt and dissolve the mixture in eight cups of water. Add the rocky mountain oysters. Make sure there is enough water to cover the oysters completely.

Cover your container and let set for one hour. Drain the water, then use cold water to rinse the oysters.

Rinse the bowl thoroughly. Put the oysters back into the bowl and fill with enough milk to completely cover them again. Cover your container again and let set for another hour on the counter.

Drain and rinse the oysters very well under cool water. Drawing out the blood is very important and the previous steps do just that. The milk assists in making the oysters less salty.


Place rocky mountain oysters in a large pot to be cooked. Add enough water to completely cover the oysters and one heaping teaspoon of white vinegar.

Boil, reducing heat immediately after boil starts and simmer for six minutes. Bring to a boil, reducing the heat quickly after boil starts. Cook on low heat, simmering, for six minutes.

Drain the water and vinegar and drop the cooked rocky mountain oysters in a big bowl of ice-cold water. Let cool completely.

Cut oysters in 1/3-inch ovals. Dust each oval with salt and pepper to taste on each side.

Pour one cup of milk into a shallow bowl. In two separate shallow bowls mix in hot sauce to taste and one cup of dry red wine in one and in the other mix 1/4 cup of cornmeal, one cup all-purpose flour and garlic powder to taste.

Quickly, roll each of the oysters slices in the flour mixture, then milk, then flour again, then plunge into red wine mixture. For a thicker crust, repeat, if desired.

Use hot peanut oil to fry the oysters until golden brown. Be very cautious as you do not want to overcook the oysters as this will make them tougher. Serve hot.