How to Control Bad Perspiration & Smell

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Perspiration is the sweat we release from our body, and what we smell is our body's odor. Often times, this scent can be unpleasant, especially to others around us. However it is quite easy to control and even get rid of your body odor, both with over the counter products and at home remedies.

Controlling Perspiration and Body Odor

Be sure to stay clean, bathing daily and using soap to wash yourself. Good hygiene, such as showering after the gym, is an important way to keep bad body odor away. To help with the perspiration, consider shaving your underarms. Hair slows the evaporation of sweat, increasing lasting odors.

After bathing, be sure to apply a deodorant or antiperspirant. Deodorants usually have a nice smell, and they acidify your skin, stopping bacteria from growing and spreading. Antiperspirants reduce sweat by temporarily blocking the apocrine glands. You can find a product containing both at a local drugstore.

Become aware of the way you're dressing. Cotton, linen, wool, or silks are all natural materials that allow your body to breathe, reducing smells. Additionally, how you eat can make a difference too; garlic, onions, and a diet high in red meat can all give you an unpleasant body odor. Finally, take note of anything else you may be putting into your body, including tobacco or alcohol. Both of these can come through your skin, giving you an offensive smell.