How to Clean Suede Nubuck Shoes

Cleaning suede Nubuck shoes doesn't have to be a chore. It all begins with prevention. The shoes do not have any type of protective coat, making them especially susceptible to water spots, soiling and other stains. The shoes also are prone to scuffing or flattening of the suede, particularly around the toe. Using a few simple tools, you can keep your shoes looking as close to brand new as possible. If you avoid wearing them while it's raining or snowing, for example, you're less likely to have to perform constant damage control.

Apply Nubuck suede protectent to your suede shoes when they are new and then again every six months according to manufacturer's instructions. This will protect your shoes from everyday wear and tear by creating a barrier to prevent stains from penetrating the suede.

Rub your shoes using the Nubuck cloth or brush in a gentle circular motion in any areas where the suede becomes flat or scuffed. Do this also to remove any dry stains.

Blot any grease or oil stains on your shoes with a clean, dry cloth. Then, apply a leather degreaser that is deemed safe for suede and thoroughly clean the shoe using a Nubuck liquid cleaner. Buff the area using your Nubuck suede brush.

Apply the Nubuck liquid cleaner when your shoes are heavily or lightly soiled, or just for routine cleaning (how often depends on how much you wear them). Once the shoes are dry, buff with the Nubuck suede brush.