How to Clean Minnetonka Moccasins

Minnetonka's moccasins range in style from knee-high boots to low-profile slip-ons; just as they range in cut, they also span the spectrum of natural hide materials, from sheepskin to moosehide. Despite hide differences, the majority of Minnetoka's mocs are sueded -- when it's time to clean, this velvety texture requires gentle brushing and rinsing. If your Minnetonkas feature a different material, you'll have to change your cleaning technique a bit.

Brush your suede moccasins free of loose dirt and debris with a suede brush, available at shoe stores and leather specialty shops. Make each brush stroke in the same direction to give your suede a neat, uniform look. In some cases, this is the only cleaning your suede needs.

Brush scuff marks with the head of a soft-bristled toothbrush or a pencil eraser. Use a gentle, back-and-forth motion until the scuffs fade.

Remove tough stains and dark marks by gently brushing back and forth with an emory board. Dampen a suede brush with water and scrub the surface of the moccasin, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub in a small dab of suede cleaner or baby shampoo. Rinse the bristles thoroughly with clean water and brush the spot again to remove any excess residue. Stuff the shoes with white tissue paper and allow them to thoroughly air-dry overnight.

Dry-brush the moccasins with a suede brush, once again stroking in a uniform direction, to restore their natural, uniform texture -- the nap of the material -- after treating scuffs or stains.