How to Clean Majorette Boots

majorettes image by Jorge Chaves from

The boots of a majorette showcase her high-stepping ability, but after a performance, they can look dirty and scuffed. Most majorette boots are made of white vinyl, which shows marks easily. Some may have a decorative tassel or pom pom on the front of the boot. Whether cleaning for storage or preparing for the next high-stepping routine, keeping your boots clean will make your outfit look polished and tidy.

Wet a clean soft cloth with warm water. Squirt a dime-sized amount of liquid dish soap into the cloth. Lather up the cloth by squeezing it.

Wipe down the vinyl with the cloth. You may have to rub to remove scuff marks on the boot.

Use white shoe polish to cover up black marks on the shoes. Open the polish and tilt the bottle upside down so the paint fills the sponge. Rub the sponge over scratches and stains.

Allow boots to dry an hour before handling them.

Put boot shapers inside the boots when you are not wearing them. This will keep their shape and prevent creases.