How to Clean Justin Cowboy Boots

well worn cowboy boots 3 image by kds from

Like many other types of cowboy boots, Justin cowboy boots are made out of leather, a tricky material to clean. Leather must be treated the way you would treat skin--delicately. Justin cowboy boots are good-quality boots that are made to last a long time, but you must do your part and keep them clean.

Lay out a towel or rag to protect your surface area while cleaning your boots. Place your Justin cowboy boots on top of the towel.

Brush your cowboy boots from the top down to the bottom with a soft-bristle brush, removing dirt and stuck-on debris.

Dip a cloth in the leather conditioner, and wipe it on to your Justin cowboy boots in a thin layer. Allow it to soak into the leather by itself.

Apply a neutral shoe cream to your cowboy boots after the leather conditioner has been absorbed. Rub a clean, dry towel over the boots to give them a nice sheen.

Wipe your boots with a damp cloth between cleanings to prevent dirt buildup.