How to Clean Baby Uggs

Cozy, plush sheepskin baby Ugg boots make your baby’s walking and crawling enjoyable, comfortable and easy. But keeping them clean may be an ongoing task. If your baby's booties are heavily stained and you don't mind the expense of a professional cleaner, you can easily have them dry cleaned. But if you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, using simple ingredients should yield results and keep them in pristine shape.

Brush off any dirt on the outside of the Uggs with a suede brush. A gentle stroke with the brush will loosen any embedded dirt to make cleaning easier.

Dampen the outside of the baby Uggs with cold water. Use a damp cloth to lightly pat the boot until it’s moist.

Mix a leather boot cleaner with water to dilute the solution. Depending on how much cleaner you think you will need, blend one part water and one part cleaner for the mixture. Ideally, half-a-cup of water and half-a-cup of the cleaner should be sufficient. Dip a sponge into the mixture and clean the outside of the boot slowly and gently.

Use a clean wet sponge to wipe up any residue left after cleaning. Place crumpled newspapers into each boot to keep the shape of the Uggs intact.

Let boots stand and dry overnight. Give the Ugg boots a final stroke with the suede brush to restore the fabric after they have completely dried.