How to Choose Jeans for Men

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Men don't have quite the difficulties that women do when trying to find a pair of jeans. After all, sizing is standard across the board--based simply on measurements. However, there are many styles to choose from and a pair of jeans should fit right. From the skinny leg to the baggy, with the right pair of jeans, you can feel comfortable and look good.

Choose a style. While the skinny-leg style is popular among certain groups of people, you need a slim frame to pull it off. Jeans that are very baggy may look sloppy and make you look childish. The safest choices are straight leg or boot cut jeans.

Select a color for your jeans. Choose a classic color, such as original denim, faded denim or dark denim. Avoid brightly colored jeans, which will look outdated quickly. Classic colors of denim will stand the test of time.

Take your measurements. Companies manufacture men's jeans based on two measurements--the waist and the inseam. To measure the waist, decide where you want the waistband of the jeans to sit and measure that area. Men that have a slight beer belly may want their jeans to sit under the belly. The inseam measurement is the measurement from the crotch to the bottom of the jeans. If you have a pair of pants that you like, you can measure the inseam from those pants.

Decide if you want embellishments. Some jeans come with writing on them or holes in the leg. This can be fun but is not suitable for certain environments. You may want to have just one or two pairs of jeans that feature these things.

Try the jeans on before you buy. Don't just give them a quick try on. Walk around and do some of the tasks that you might normally do, such as sitting or bending over. You should also check that your wallet fits in the pocket and that your keys don't hit in an uncomfortable spot, if you keep keys in your pocket.