How to Choose High Heel Pumps that Fit Right

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High heels or pumps can feel comfortable to wear if you find the right fit and style. Unlike most other styles of shoes, heels can prove difficult to walk in if the fit isn't just right. Be sure to purchase high-quality shoes for the most comfort and durability, and remember that comfort and the right fit can make hours on your feet seem bearable rather than burdensome.

Finding the Right Fit

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Have your feet measured at the shoe store. Every shoe store has a measuring device, and a clerk can help you figure out your exact shoe size. Even if you know your size already, it can change with age, so measure before trying on heels for the best fit.

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Try on the pairs in your size that look the most comfortable. Leather is the most comfortable material for a high-heeled pump because it absorbs moisture. This is especially important when you wear your heels without stockings. Be sure to walk around in them as much as you can in the store to get a feel for how they fit. Note that sizes may vary according to brand, so you might have to try a half-size bigger or smaller than what you are used to.

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Consider the style of high-heel pumps and how long you will wear them. The higher the heel, the less time you will want to spend on your feet in them. If they are too tight in any place, consider another style that gives your feet room to breath. Above all, consider comfort and wearability over trendiness when it comes to finding the right fit.