How to Choose a Wedding Dress for a Second Marriage

When you get married the second time, it's a brand new beginning. However, many second-time brides find themselves wondering how to choose a wedding dress for a second marriage. Sure, your great-aunt Betty may have some silly idea that you can't wear white or you have to do things a certain way, but this is your wedding.

Choose a style that is age appropriate. The low-cut, off-the-shoulder gown you wanted in your 20s may not be the appropriate choice at this point in your life. So, choose a wedding dress that will be age appropriate for your second marriage.

Forget what people say and choose any color you want. Some people have the idea that you can't wear white when getting married for the second time, but this is actually acceptable. Of course you have more options than just white. You can choose from ecru, ivory and pastels for your wedding. You can wear just about any color you choose as long as you like it.

Keep in mind the wedding setting. When you're choosing your wedding dress, make sure it is appropriate for the setting. If you are having a formal setting for your second marriage, then go with a formal gown. However, if the setting will be more laid back, such as on a beach, then something that is informal is perfectly fine for your wedding dress.

Forgo the blusher. Usually the blusher is for first-time brides. This doesn't mean that you can't have some great accessories to highlight your face and hair, though. Consider a beautiful hat, tiara or hair jewelry that will accentuate the beauty and glow on your face.

Don't forget your unique personality. You want to choose a dress that will show off your own personality. Find a dress that suits you and your outlook on life, and you'll look and feel great in your wedding dress on the big day.

Find a dress that flatters your body. You want to look and feel great on your big day. This means you want a dress that hides your flaws and highlights your best features. Take some time to try on various dresses and find the one that looks the best on you. If you are not sure of yourself, take along a friend to help you figure out which wedding dress really looks the best.