How to Checkerboard Shoe Laces

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A standard crisscross pattern for lacing shoes will keep your shoe on your foot, but it doesn't showcase your individual style. The less conventional checkerboard pattern lets you show off your flair as it draws attention to that special pair of shoes. The pattern uses two laces on each shoe, so you could even choose colors to coordinate with your outfit each day.

Push the end of one shoelace into one of the two top holes (at the ankle), going from the outside of the shoe in. Pull down to the bottom hole (at the toe) on the same side of the sneaker and pull back out. (The lace will be hidden behind the sneaker’s side panel.) Leave 3 inches of lace hanging out the top.

Grasp the end you just pulled through the bottom hole (at the toe) and push it into the bottom hole on the opposite side. You should now have a straight line across the toe of the shoe. (For the next steps, you will continue working only with this one end of the shoelace. Leave the top end alone for now.)

Pull the end of the lace back out through the hole directly above the hole you just used, staying on the same side of the shoe. Cross over to the other side of the shoe and push the end into the hole directly across from the one you just used.

Move up another hole, cross the shoe to the opposite hole, then move up one again. Repeat until you end up with the final portion of the lace coming out of the hole on the other side from where you started. The laces should create straight lines across the shoe and should not form crisscrosses at any point. Adjust as needed so the hanging ends are the same length.

Weave a different-colored shoelace from the toe to the top of the shoe first under then over the laces that form the “lines” across the shoe. Push the woven lace all the way to the right, so it lays flat. Leave about 3 inches of shoelace hanging out at the toe end of the shoe where you started.

Weave back down the shoe from top to toe, using the same shoelace. Weave over and under as before. Once you reach the toe, gently push this weave to the right, next to the one you previously completed.

Repeat until you have gone up and down four times, or until the checkerboard pattern completely covers the front of the shoe. Your last weave should leave the end of the shoelace at the toe.

Tuck all the ends of the shoelaces into the shoe.