How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With Kids


Saint Patrick's Day is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on March 17. The day commemorates Saint Patrick (a patron saint of Ireland) and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish. Aside from wearing green and searching for pots of gold, what other fun can you have with kids? Read on! And good luck!

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Eat Green

Sure you can add food coloring to create green food for lunch, but how about making a healthy, vitamin-packed, naturally green meal? Pictured here is pesto pasta, broccoli and Granny Smith apples. Other ideas: kale smoothie (yes, kale--sneak it into their fruit smoothies), avocados, green grapes, cucumbers, pistachios, and pickles. For more ideas on how to make food green on this festive holiday, click the link below.

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Good Luck Wands

To make these wands you need: scraps of green fabric or paper, scissors, assorted sticks, white glue.

Begin by cutting a bunch of small hearts, about the same size. Each wand requires 8 hearts and one stick. Arrange four hearts to form a shamrock, gluing the areas that overlap. Flip shamrock over (wrong side up), place stick in center and make another shamrock on top, sandwiching the stick in the center. Let dry.

What to do with them? Give to friends as good luck charms, stick in plants, or arrange a bouquet in a jar.

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Make Green Art

Gather all the green art supplies you have in the house and make green art. No need for an assignment. Just have at it.

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Green Scavenger Hunt

Hand over your smart phone and let your kids get some green! Instruct them to take photos of green things around your home. You can make it more challenging by requiring specific shades like mint, forest, neon or grass. Give your child ten minutes and then review the slideshow together.

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Bake Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread uses baking soda instead of yeast as a leavening agent. Try subbing dried cranberries for raisins. Soda bread is quick, nutritious and delicious -- a favorite for people of all ages. Plus a super fun project to do together.

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Slime Me

Homemade GAK is easy to make and a blast to play with! You will need: 1/2 cup white glue, water, food coloring, 1/2 teaspoon Borax, bowl, fork, cup.

Mix glue and 1/2 cup water in the bowl (if using a 4 oz bottle: empty and then fill bottle with warm water, shake and pour out). Stir in food coloring. Add 1/4 cup warm water to your cup. Stir in Borax until dissolved. Add Borax mixture to bowl. Stir until stringy and then get your hands in there to massage into a slimy mess.

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