How to Celebrate an Anniversary at Disneyland

While at first Disneyland may seem to be a world of adventure for families and kids, it can be a very romantic destination for a couple celebrating love, especially during a wedding anniversary. Take advantage of inside tips in order to get the most anniversary romance out of your trip to California's Disneyland.

Surprise your spouse with a massage or a spa day at one of Disneyland's resorts.

Take an evening stroll near Snow White's Wishing Well for a quiet, romantic and secluded spot to share a moment beneath the West Coast stars.

Savor a sweet dinner for two at the Blue Bayou. For an even more magical time together, ask to reserve a spot near the water.

Enjoy the grandeur an evening of magical fireworks watching Disneyland's evening spectacular.

Visit your travel agent and ask about Disneyland Romance Packages they may offer. These packages can offer the luxuries and romantic details you crave such as lavish accommodations, spa packages, special dinners, champagne and more.

Make your once in a lifetime magical vacation for two a memorable one by renewing your vows. The Disneyland Resort grounds offer lush gardens, grand views and special places to relive those special marital commitments.

Plan a magical dinner at another one of Disneyland's exquisite restaurants, such as Disney's Californian Hotel or Rancho de Zocalo.