How to Buy Gifts for a Emo Girl

How to Buy Gifts for a Emo Girl. Buying gifts for an emo girl can be an interesting experience. Sticking with all black attire is usually a safe bet, but you risk buying her something that she already has three of in her closet. If you want to find the perfect gift for an emo girl on your list, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best gifts for the sensitive or emo type.

Get her some cool attire. A big part of being emo is about appearances. Help your emo girl friend look the part by buying her some black threads. Black lipstick is also a good touch.

Give her a day of pampering. Help take the weight of the world off your emo friend's shoulders by giving her a spa day. A nice massage and a pedicure will cheer her right up.

Encourage her to express her creative side. Give your friend a journal so she can write down her inner most thoughts and feelings.

Buy her the gift of song. When thinking about buying gifts for an emo girl, think about what she loves to do most. If she enjoys listening to music, give her a guitar so she can start to play her own tunes. Throw in a few guitar lessons to help her along.

Make it heartfelt. When buying for an emo girl, the trick is to give from the heart. If you're low on funds, write her a poem or sing her a song. She will get very emotional over you getting emotional, so it's a win-win strategy.