How to Braid Ribbon on Bridal Bouquet Stems

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The braided effect on bridal bouquets requires a less complicated technique than meets the eye. In fact, these braids are really comprised of a series of twists woven down the front of the arrangement, and they help provide a high-end look to any bouquet. You may choose to add the braid around a contrasting ribbon binding or simply around the flowers' stems. If you decide against the ribbon binding, however, ensure that your flowers are held together tightly with a camouflaged rubber band.

Lay your bouquet down so that the front of the arrangement faces you. Another option is to ask a friend to hold the bouquet up so that the flowers cannot flatten themselves.

Loop the ribbon around the center back of the bouquet, approximately 1/2 inch down from the bouquet's base. Pin the ribbon in place, ensuring that the pin slides in at an angle sharp enough to avoid sticking out the other side.

Wrap the ribbon around the front of the flower stems and twist the two ends together as tightly as you can, keeping the knot as close to the stems as possible. Continue the twist until the two sides of the ribbon are back on the side where they began, which results in a 180-degree twist. Push a corsage pin into the knot for additional stability.

Wrap the two ends back around the back of the bouquet and bring them around the stems without incorporating a twist. Draw the two ends back to the front and add another twist, keeping it in line with the first knot.

Continue your way down the stems of the bridal bouquet in this way until you reach the bottom of the binding or the edge of the bouquet. At that point, tie a bow at the front to finish off the look and secure it in place with one final corsage pin. Trim the ends at an angle, as this will keep the ribbon from unraveling.