How to Become an Ordained Minister in Iowa to Perform a Wedding Ceremony

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For a long time, it took many years of training and religious study to become ordained as a minister in a church and perform wedding ceremonies. However, there are now a number of non-denominational churches and organizations that offer to legally ordain a person so that she can perform wedding ceremonies. The state of Iowa legally recognizes wedding ceremonies performed by ministers ordained online, provided the ministers receive their certificates by following a few simples steps.

Register online with The American Fellowship Church, The Universal Life Church Ministry, or another organization that offers services to ordain people over the Internet. Provide your name, address and contact information.

Select which type of license you wish to obtain. Most organizations offer a one-year, five-year or lifetime minister's license. After selecting the desired license, you will be prompted to pay for the license with a credit card. Enter your credit card information and await your ID card or license certificate in the mail. You will not be legally allowed to perform a wedding ceremony until it arrives.

Stay in good standing with the ordaining organization by following its guidelines. Many groups require you to contact the organization at least once a year to verify contact information or take a recommended online training course.