How to Avoid Break Outs After Shaving

Gerardo Betancourt

If you break out after shaving, you might be shaving too close to your skin. The obvious solution to this problem is to shave enough for the skin to look smoothly even, but not too close to where you feel a sting when you wash your face off after shaving. These are really quick steps on how to do that exactly. Begin making a mental not now.

Use the Shaving Cream That's Right For You - When shaving, you want to use a shaving cream that's right for you. Some people are more sensitive than others, so you will find many types of creams out there, some with multi-purpose uses, as well as scents.

Switch Your Blades Regularly - If you use a regular blade, you want to switch your blade regularly. Changing it after four uses should do the trick. If you use an electric razor, you want to keep the shield and underlying shaving heads properly oiled using the oil recommended by the manufacturer. You should also switch the shield once a year, or as recommended by said manufacturer.

Use Well-Proven Shaving Techniques - Shaving is something that has been around for the longest time, so we pretty much have it down to a technique. It's very simple. You want to let the razor do it's job. Just guide it across the skin without forcing it into the skin. If your razor has more than one blade, that means you'll want to drag it across with even lighter pressure. Do the same with electric blades. Soft slow drags across the skin will do. One key point here is to always shave in the same direction the hair grows in, not against it, or you'll break out even worse by making hairs grow into the skin. That's basically it.

Put Your Shaving Needs on a Schedule - Most people with average hair growth work weekdays from eight in the morning to five in the afternoon. For these folks, a good schedule for shaving would be Monday and Thursday mornings. If your hair grows faster that most people, then you might want to shave Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Also, always remember to shave after a shower because this is when the hair is at it softest.