How to Apply Stick Deodorant

How to Apply Stick Deodorant. Stick deodorant goes on dry and covers the underarm area well. The consistency of stick deodorant makes the application process very easy since there is no need to spray or wait for the deodorant to dry. Read on to learn how to apply stick deodorant.

Buy the brand of stick deodorant that suits your needs and has a fragrance that appeals to you.

Take off the plastic deodorant cap by pulling off the cap.

Remove the plastic safety cap on the actual deodorant stick. Turn the dial on the bottom of the product until the plastic cap easily pops off.

Raise the deodorant stick at least 1/8 of an inch for application. It must be raised enough so the plastic will not rub against your armpit.

Apply the deodorant to your underarm, using up and down motions until your underarm is covered. The deodorant adheres as you rub the stick over your skin.

Replace the cap of your deodorant.