How Much Money To Give For Wedding Gifts

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It is taboo for a couple to ask for wedding gifts, yet common sense and etiquette require a wedding guest to give a gift. Then it becomes a question of how much money to give for wedding gifts, and unfortunately there is no simple answer. How much money to give for wedding gifts is based on many different factors, so do not feel pressured to give a specific amount unless it is within your comfort zone.

Meal Based

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When considering how much money to give for wedding gifts, a general rule of thumb dictates to give enough to cover the cost of your meal at the wedding. This can be difficult to discern, but thanks to the Internet, it has become easier. You can now look at the reception venue's or caterer's website to determine meal prices. If you are given a choice of meals, then you can look up that specific meal and see exactly how much the couple will pay per meal. Then you simply need to give enough money to cover your own meal.


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Another little trick to deciding how much money to give for wedding gifts is to look at what the couple have on their registry. There will likely be a broad range of items available to purchase on the registry. Look at the cost of the items, choose one that you think the couple would like and then give them that much money in their wedding card. You can even write a nice inscription in the card that states exactly what you saw on the registry that you hoped they would enjoy with your monetary gift.


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There is nothing more important when choosing how much money to give for wedding gifts than your own budget. The bride and groom will understand if you are unable to give a standard monetary gift. When it comes down to it, the only required gift is a card with well wishes. If you are able to afford more, then the gift should be within your budget. The couple would not want you to suffer just to give them a larger wedding gift. Remember, you have up until a year after the wedding to send a wedding gift, so if you cannot afford a gift at the time of the wedding, simply give a card and send the wedding gift later.

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