How Do You Get Rid of Bags Under the Eyes?


0:00 hi I'm Jackie silver from aging

0:02 backwards and author of the book aging

0:05 backwards secrets to staying young with

0:08 how to get rid of bags under your eyes

0:10 bags under your eyes can be caused by a

0:13 number of different things could be

0:15 allergies could be you're not sleeping

0:17 enough it could be hereditary or it

0:20 could even be caused by hormones or

0:22 changes in the weather but bags are

0:25 definitely not attractive when they're

0:27 under your eyes there are a number of

0:29 ways to get rid of them and the first

0:30 thing probably would be to get enough

0:32 sleep the recommended sleep for adults

0:35 is seven to eight hours you can also put

0:38 slices of cucumber over your eyes put

0:41 them in the fridge first to cool them

0:42 off you might want to get these I slices

0:46 which you can get it I slices calm and

0:48 they're cold without refrigeration you

0:51 just lay them over your eyes for a few

0:53 minutes and they're reusable up to 10

0:55 times you could also take a teabag steep

0:59 it like you're going to drink the tea

1:01 and you may as well and then take the

1:04 use tea bags refrigerate them and lay

1:07 them over your eyes for about five

1:09 minutes that's how to get rid of bags

1:12 under your eyes I'm Jackie silver have a

1:15 great day