How do I Use a Bundt Cake Pan for Meat Loaf?

A bundt pan will result in an attractive, easy-to-slice meat loaf. Use your favorite recipe but prepare the pan carefully to prevent the meat loaf from sticking. Remember it may cook faster than the traditional loaf shape.

Non-Stick Bundt Pan

Prepare a non-stick pan with cooking spray. Consider lining the bottom with overlapping sliced tomatoes or a crumb topping. These will prevent sticking at the base and look attractive when you turn out the loaf.

Conventional Pan Surface

Line a conventional pan with foil. Lay wide strips of foil across the ring, this will be less bulky than trying to use a single piece. Apply a light coating of cooking spray.

Pre-forming The Loaf

If you want to bake your meatloaf on an open baking sheet, line the bundt pan with plastic wrap. Press the mix down firmly before turning it out and removing the wrap. Only try this technique with a recipe you know will hold together well.

Cooking Time

A bundt pan meat loaf will be thinner than usual. It may cook more quickly. Check the loaf with a meat thermometer half an hour sooner than your recipe suggests. Keep checking until the loaf reaches the correct temperature for the meat in your mixture.