How do I Make Invitations on the Computer Without Downloading Anything?

party invitation image by robert mobley from

If you're wary of downloading software programs or just don't want to spend time on fancy graphic and text effects, you still can create an attractive party invitation with the word-processing program on your computer. Pre-installed software, such as Microsoft Word, usually come with templates that will walk you through the entire process, and you can adapt it to your specific needs. You can skip the template and use your own design, inserting your own pictures and artwork.

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Save and name the document.

Click on "Margins," and set the open area around the text. In the same dialogue box, go to "Orientation" and click "Portrait" for a vertical page or "Landscape" for a horizontal page. Click on "Paper" and set the paper size.

Click on "Layout" and then on "Borders" at the bottom of the dialogue box. Set the desired borders, including width, style and font color. Click "OK" after all desired borders are set.

At the top of the Windows toolbar, click on "Insert" and then "Picture." Choose a picture, either from your own files or from the program's clip-art collection. For eye-catching text, click on "WordArt," which will enable you to write the text in unusual fonts and colors.

Click on the text or image you just inserted; an editing box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Use this to edit the text within the frame. To add new text outside the WordArt text frame, click on "Text Wrapping." Experiment with various text-wrapping effects, with which you can surround the WordArt frame with more text or have the new text next to, above or below the WordArt.

Save the invitation, and print your desired quantity.