How Do I Make Egg Salad With a Food Processor?


0:05 hi i'm angie from

0:06 angie southern kitchen comm and today

0:08 we're going to learn how to make egg

0:10 salad in a food processor we have six

0:14 hard-boiled eggs and i just cut them in

0:16 half because it makes it easier for the

0:20 machine to do its job and this goes

0:22 really quickly and i don't turn it on

0:27 and just let it go i just pulse it just

0:28 a little bit so that it will not

0:34 pulverize the eggs and that's pretty

0:49 much it

0:50 i'm gonna do them just a little bit more

1:01 and then we're gonna take our eggs and

1:05 you can see that they're just kind of

1:07 make some fluffy and i think it makes a

1:11 better egg salad then if you just mash

1:14 them with a fork I take my after I've

1:18 done my eggs I take all my dressings and

1:22 put it here and mix it well and then add

1:24 the eggs to the dressings here I have a

1:27 quarter cup I believe it's a quarter cup

1:30 of Hellmann's mayonnaise or four

1:34 tablespoons

1:42 get it all out and then I have a

1:48 teaspoon of white vinegar that I've

1:50 mixed in with my yellow mustard and the

1:53 yellow mustard I have one teaspoon - you

1:56 mix it in there and a lot of people say

1:59 you put vinegar in it but it's kind of

2:01 like a salad dressing every you know all

2:03 the salad dressings have vinegar in them

2:05 as well and then I've got a little bit

2:09 of salt because eggs taste very bland if

2:15 you don't have a little of salt and then

2:19 something I like to do that just gives

2:21 it a little depth of flavor it's put a

2:23 little bit of creme fraiche in and if

2:24 you don't have creme fraiche you can use

2:26 sour cream creme fraiche it's just a

2:29 little creamier and not quite as sour

2:31 tasting a sour cream kind of kind of

2:36 looks like cream cheese but there again

2:39 it doesn't have that sour e taste to it

2:43 and then once you get this all mixed up

2:46 that's kind of creamy then you add your

2:49 eggs to it

2:55 and you want to start it up

3:07 this past week we went to the Masters

3:10 and if you've ever been to the Masters

3:13 everybody loves their egg salad and

3:16 that's a big tradition there you see

3:20 it's fluffy again this is Angie and you

3:23 just learned how to make egg salad in a

3:25 food processor