Home Remedies for Hair Testing

According to passthetest.com, testing strands of hair for drug use is considered the most accurate type of drug test and the hardest to cheat on. Most home remedy masks will wash off when the lab washes your hair sample before testing it. Lab workers only test the hair about 2.5 to four centimeters from the scalp, which detects, on average, any drug usage in the previous 90 days.

Drug Tests

When a drug is used, the body metabolizes this substance into metabolites, which run through your bloodstream and become part of your individual strands of hair. Drugs like marijuana can remain in your body anywhere from three to 90 days. The length of time a substance remains in your system depends on your health, metabolism, weight and fluid intake, among other factors. The more you smoke or consume, the longer the drug will stay in your body, stored in fat cells.

Home Remedies

Many home remedy ideas are available for attempts to fool hair drug tests, but according to howtocleanyourbody.com, home remedies do not properly clean the drug out of your stored fat tissue, which is a difficult process. These home remedies include drinking extra water, coffee, juice or beer to make you urinate more, drinking vinegar to mask the drugs, or adding fiber to your diet to detoxify.

Internet Products

Drug-detoxifying products are available at howtocleanyourbody.com. You could wash your hair with a deep-penetrating shampoo that neutralizes drug metabolites. Such a shampoo must be used right before submitting the hair, because it only remains effective for four to eight hours. Try, for example, Toxin Wash, which passthetest.com claims removes chemicals, chlorine and drug metabolites from the hair by penetrating deep into the cortex of hair strands. Ultra Clean at alwaystest.clean.com and Test Pass Shampoo from ezdetox.net make similar claims.