Hairstyles for Doctors

by Jane McDonaugh ; Updated September 28, 2017

Note how a doctor's hair is out of the way of the face.

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How you wear your hair is vital to the image you project to others, especially in a professional environment such as a doctor's office or hospital. The general rule is that a doctor's hairstyle should be well-kept, clean, out of the way. The best hair style for any one person, however, would depend on face shape and hair type.

Short Styles

Although you don't necessarily need to cut your long hair to maintain a professional appearance, hair styles that are shoulder-length or higher are considered very professional and easy to maintain. Shoulder-length styles also suit thick hair. A side part to the far left or right of your head, or a zig-zag part, can look sleek and classy, especially on straight hair.


Because long hair can more easily get your way and be exposed to the elements, it may be a policy at your hospital or office to tie long hair in a ponytail. You can tie it high or low on your head, depending on your preference. A high ponytail is tied back and worn midway between the nape and the top of your head. It isn't recommended to wear ponytails higher than that, such as on the top of your head, as this looks a bit more radical and is harder to maintain. A low ponytail is tied at the nape of your neck, or the lowest part of your head and can be done with shoulder-length hair to produce a short ponytail.

Other Styles for Long Hair

Tying your hair into a low or high ponytail isn't your only option if you have long hair. Try styling your hair into a braid, which works for any hair texture. Create a side part and pull all of your hair over to the opposite side of the part. Separate your hair into three sections and braid loosely. A half ponytail can also look sleek and professional.

Other Styling Tips

If wearing a ponytail, make sure you secure the style with bobby pins or clips, but avoid large banana clips. Stray strands falling out of the ponytail can look unkempt and unprofessional. You can also use headbands to pull your hair back or other elaborate hair fasteners. Also try side-pinning long bangs while curling the ends of your hair.

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