Hair Stylists Portfolio Ideas Images

A hairstylist portfolio shows clients and prospective employers the hairstyles you enjoy creating and your styling capabilities. Your portfolio should include before and after photos of trendy and classic styles that you have mastered, in addition to plenty of solutions for problem hair. Mix up the cuts with color treatments and hair adornments and you are sure to capture the attention of new clients online and in-person.

Before and After Pictures

Show pictures of what a person's hair looked like before you worked on it. Next to each transformation, place a picture of the person's hair before you began. Feature a few photos of how color enhances the face, and make sure to use color in different ways, such as simple highlights around the face to chunking and an all-over color. Also show examples of straightening systems, such as the Brazilian and Keratin treatments, in addition to hair that has been permed or relaxed.

Show Versatility

If your book features many of the same hairstyles, only with different colors, it quickly becomes obvious that you are comfortable in only one styling range. Make sure your hair models feature cuts that are trendy and classic, long and short, curly and straight. Additional styling options, such as extensions, wedding hair, updos and braiding, should also be shown. Make sure to feature a variety of ethnicities and ages, and vary the angles that the photos are taken.

Professional Quality Counts

Hire a professional photographer. While this might seem like an added expense, it can make the difference in how your work is viewed. Consider bartering with the photographer or seek out a qualified photography student looking to gain exposure and experience, who is recommended by the faculty at a local university. Be aware of the lighting in the photos and make sure the photographer has a camera with good resolution to pick up on the hair's details. In addition, the cuts and color of your models should be less than one week old.

Online Ideas

It is essential you have a hard-copy portfolio to show, which includes high-quality glossy photos on nice paper and the proper binding. However, an online presence is important as well. Create a website with sections of short, medium and long hair, services, pricing and a picture gallery; make sure to include your contact information. In your hard copy portfolio, create a pocket for business cards that have your website listed. Make sure to leave a card with every salon or client you meet.