Great Ideas for Six Year Old Slumber Parties

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A slumber party for 6-year-olds will likely be filled with giggles, fun and silliness. To add to those good times, create a theme for your party, and plan games and activities that will keep the good times rolling at night and continue in the morning.


Most 6-year-olds are interested in cartoons, superheroes, television shows and children celebrities. Choose which you think your child likes the best and ask your guests to dress up in that motif. For instance, if your 6-year-old likes superheroes, ask his friends to dress up in capes, masks and hero costumes. Make superhero cupcakes by decorating the top with the character’s face or logo. Carry the theme into the night by watching movies or television shows featuring the character. In the morning, treat the kids to a breakfast fit for superheroes, comprised of healthy foods. If the kids like a particular singer, play tunes from the star and have a lip-synching contest.


Keep your 6-year-old guests entertained and occupied by supplying them with slumber party activities. Ask that your party-goers bring plain pillow cases and decorate them using fabric paints and markers, suggests the Kids Party Fun website. Most 6-year-olds enjoy drawing and decorating, so this activity should be a hit. In addition, ask that they bring white or light-colored T-shirts and shorts. Purchase a tie-die set from a craft store and decorate the shirts and shorts with tie-die. Once the clothes are washed and dry, the children can wear them as pajamas. Most 6-year-olds are mature enough to help you with the process, however, supervise each child carefully. In the morning, ask the children to assist you in making breakfast. Most 6-year-olds are capable of breaking eggs, stirring ingredients and pouring drinks.


No slumber party is complete with playing a few games. Choosing which games are appropriate for your 6-year-olds can be tricky since your guests might not all be on the same learning level. Therefore, play games that are easy to follow and execute, but fun and entertaining. For instance, play a spoon race game in which each child holds an egg in a spoon and races to get to the finish line first without dropping the egg, recommends the Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids website. You could also have a hula hoop contest. Supply each child with a hula hoop and the guest who can keep her hula hoop up longest wins. If you do not think your guests will like competing, simply let them have fun walking around with the eggs on the spoons or playing with the hula hoops.