How to Fix a Cracked Leather Watch Strap

by my watch image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Do you have a favorite old watchband that has seen better days? One that’s dried, cracked and discolored? While the look of leather watch straps can be restored, keep in mind that the damage caused by years of wear may compromise the band’s strength. If the cracks on your watch strap are scratches on the surface, you can give the leather a face-lift.

Clean the strap with leather cleaner and a soft cloth, following product instructions. Apply pressure when rubbing areas that are heavily soiled. Let the watchband dry overnight.

Mix the leather repair compound to match the color of the watchband or to the desired shade. Spread it in and over the crack, as smoothly as possible. Follow the repair kit’s directions for matching grain and texture.

Allow the repairs to dry thoroughly. Apply leather dye or shoe polish, if necessary, to blend the repair with the rest of the strap. Follow the product instructions.

Apply leather conditioner. Buff the strap to a shiny luster with a soft cloth.