Graduation Party Photo Display Ideas

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No graduation party is complete with a photo display of the graduate. You have many options to highlight the guest of honor in pictures. The best display option for your graduation celebration depends on a number of factors. The party venue plays a big role in the display options. Other factors include your budget for the graduation picture display and the amount of work you want to put into the display.

Collage Boards

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Large boards displaying a collage of photos are a common option at graduation receptions. You can use poster board, cardboard or other sturdy materials to create the background for the photo collage. Adhere the pictures to the background, keeping the pictures in chronological order. Decorative scrapbooking paper creates a simple frame for each picture. Adding the date and a caption next to each photo of the graduate gives the guests a little background on the picture.

Photo Albums

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Graduation photo albums offer a tabletop display for the graduate's pictures. Gather the photos you wish to use, and organize them chronologically. Place them in the albums. You can also add slips of paper with each photo to describe it. You can either create identical albums for each table or put different pictures in each album so that the guests can circulate it.

Digital Slide Show

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Taking advantage of modern technology allows you to create a digital slide show of pictures. You can either make your own slide show or have a photo service create one for you. You'll need a TV and DVD player in the party venue to show the slide show. Leave the pictures running on a loop throughout the party so that guests can look at them at their leisure. This option also creates a keepsake for the graduate.


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A poster-sized photo of the graduate is another option for the graduation celebration. You can order posters of any photograph from companies that handle photo processing. Choosing a few of your favorite photos for the poster option gives you a wall decoration for the party venue.

Digital Photo Frame

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Digital photo frames allow you to place a number of digital images on them. This is a compact option for the graduation celebration. The digital photo frame works well as a centerpiece on the gift table. It also doubles as a gift for the graduate who can take it along on his new adventures.