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by William McCoy ; Updated September 29, 2017

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Becoming a U.S. citizen is one of the highlights of any resident looking to stay in the country permanently. Although few things can top the citizenship ceremony itself, receiving a thoughtful, American-themed gift can help the new citizen feel right at home. When shopping for a gift for the new American in your life, your choices range from educational to travel-related to entertaining.

Teach U.S. History

Give the new U.S. citizen a chance to learn about the country's history by providing some books or documentaries that explain key American moments. Books about the Civil War, presidential biographies and books that detail pivotal periods such as the Great Depression or the Civil Rights movement give new citizens the chance to understand major moments in American history. Documentaries about the space program or the war in Vietnam provide historical lessons in an engaging format.

Travel to Landmarks

Depending on where you're located, you can give the new U.S. citizen a chance to see the country's key landmarks. Arrange a trip or buy passes to visit locations such as the Hoover Dam, Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore, the Gateway Arch or the Golden Gate Bridge. If a monumental landmark isn't nearby, arrange a tour of the nearby locations listed on the National Register of Historic Places or buy tickets for a museum.

Celebrate Together

Becoming a new U.S. citizen is cause for celebration, and your gift ideas can focus on creating memories the new citizen will remember for years. Buy tickets to an outdoor concert festival or grab a blanket and a picnic and attend an Independence Day or Memorial Day fireworks show. If you get the impression the new citizen is a sports fan, buy tickets to your closest professional baseball team and enjoy watching "America's pastime" while enjoying a hot dog and a cold beer.

Buy Material Items

If you want to buy a simple, material item for the new citizen in your life, gifts can be a play on some of the items that make up Americana. Give a freshly baked apple pie or your family recipe to this American staple. Other ideas include a selection of CDs that showcase American pop music, some pivotal American movies, an American flag or bumper sticker or a football jersey or baseball cap of the city's professional team.

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